Mobile payment brings new convenience to the city

MobileNOW!, the global technology innovator with the world’s most flexible and friendly mobile parking payment, has successfully launched  in New Bedford, Massachusetts with metered on-street spaces.

Residents and commuters can park and pay quickly and easily using the free MobileNOW! app or IVR system. Customers manage their parking sessions remotely with MobileNOW! app.

“Using MobileNOW! means faster parking, secure payment and total convenience,” said John Oglesby, MobileNOW! President and CEO. “It’s a great way for customers to enjoy a smooth and effortless parking experience with the added benefit of avoiding a parking ticket when a parking session is about to expire—one simple click is all it takes to extend your session. Perhaps best of all, the extension has no fee, just parking.”

MobileNOW! provides real time integration with New Bedford’s enforcement system. Payment and transaction data is available in real time to New Bedford enforcement officers using Complus provided handheld devices. Parking personnel will now view up-to-the-minute information on their handheld ticket writer, thus reducing human error and inadvertent citation issuance.

Oglesby added, “We applaud New Bedford for leveraging new technologies to better serve their community — and, we know citizens will love the convenience and  the city will grow revenues, thus generating more services to the citizens.”

About the City of New Bedford, MA
New Bedford is the sixth largest city in Massachusetts and nicknamed “The Whaling City”  (historically the most important whaling port in the world during the 19th century).

With nearly 100,000 residents and a destination city, New Bedford continues to enhance the city’s parking and transportation ecosystem. For more information, visit or

About MobileNOW!, LLC

MobileNOW! LLC, headquartered in Rockville, MD, is the global pioneer, innovator and leading provider of mobile phone payment. The customizable MobileNOW! platform, also known as the world’s most flexible and user-friendly mobile payment solution for parking, has expanded into nine countries and is the only mobile payment solution developed by parking professionals with operations experience. MobileNOW! dramatically improves customer experience and client revenues. MobileNOW! enables virtual payment and big data collection options and offers full enforcement, management and reporting capabilities, which tracks driver behavior.

MobileNOW! masters all mobile devices, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms. For more information, visit  and

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