We can’t promise to make parking fun … but we can definitely make it much easier. Use MobileNOW! and there’s no need to carry cash. Instead of standing in the street and searching for correct change, you can simply pay using your cell phone.

It’s convenient

  • You don’t need to carry cash
  • Pay for the time parked only, where applicable
  • Receive warning when time is about to expire
  • Extend time remotely

It’s easy

  • Any cell phone will do
  • Use process completely intuitive

It’s quick

  • Pay while already heading to your next destination
  • No need to look for a pay station or stay in line
  • Receive confirmation in seconds

It’s great for businesses, too!

Fleet managers can use MobileNOW! to simplify the administration of parking charges for company vehicles. It’ll also reduce the number of citations caused by drivers not always having sufficient cash for parking meters. Find out how

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Oklahoma City and in a growing number of other locations. Coming soon to Atlanta and Nashville!