Using MobileNOW! is much quicker if you register your details before you park for the first time. Once you’ve done this, we’ll store everything in your own secure account which means you can park and pay in seconds!

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Here’s how MobileNOW! works

You can park and pay by mobile phone whenever you see the MobileNOW! signs in a parking area or on parking meters. After you’ve parked your car, follow the instructions on the parking meter or nearby sign:

Use App

Open the MobileNOW! app and confirm your location details

Scan QR

Scan the square QR code on the sign using the MobileNOW! app


Call the telephone number on the sign

Once your personal details and location have been verified, you’ll be asked to choose your parking duration. The cost of parking will then be charged to the payment method you’ve set up.

The display on most parking meters won’t change when you pay by mobile phone, so local parking attendants will use their own online systems to make sure you’ve paid. And, of course, you’ll be able to check all your parking payments on the MobileNOW! app or website whenever you want.

You can even receive an automatic reminder before your parking time expires.


Paying with smartphone

Download our Android or Apple iPhone app, then use your smartphone whenever you need to pay for parking. As well as starting and stopping your parking sessions from your phone, you can also update your payment information and your personal account details in real time.

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Paying by web

You can use our web site on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Simply visit and enter your details. If you’ve already registered and want to pay now, you just need to sign in.



Paying by phone call

Look for the MobileNOW! telephone number on the parking meter or sign. Each area has its own special phone number. You’ll be asked to enter the parking location number and the amount of time you want to stay. Full details will be explained during the call. Simply follow the voice prompts.



Oklahoma City and in a growing number of other locations. Coming soon to Atlanta and Nashville!