Drivers like paying by cell phone. It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s secure. But there’s much more to MobileNOW! than just payments.

We’re also parking specialists. By working with you and the technology you already use – whether manual or automatic enforcement, whether on-street or off-street operations – we’re able to deliver greater efficiency, more revenue and lower costs.

Increased efficiency

Reducing the amount of cash handling cuts the potential risks and losses associated with collection. In addition, it brings down infrastructure maintenance costs as well. Our clients have achieved up to 35% saving in operational costs within three years.

Increased revenues

When payments are easier to make, drivers are more likely to pay. Revenue increases while enforcement issues are reduced.

Improved enforcement

Our software package integrates with all existing enforcement solutions and can support either manual or automatic enforcement. With the help of Automatic License Plate Recognition technology, enforcement officers have halved the time their work previously took.

More data

MobileNOW! consolidates all your parking data into a single management system. Use our Business Intelligence tools to generate reports about your users and their parking habits.

Happier customers and citizens

Introducing mobile parking shows drivers they’re dealing with a forward-thinking organization. Consumers appreciate the flexibility and convenience of multiple payment options. Average adoption rates are 10-15% in the first year, growing to 20-25% within three years. Our operations in Europe have even achieved 90% mobile parking penetration, saving millions of dollars in operational costs.

A greener world

Using MobileNOW! offers strong environmental benefits because the overall impact of construction, installation and set-up is reduced. Adopting mobile parking reduces paper usage (required for Pay & Display ticket) and cash collection.

Solutions for all needs More choices for drivers Straightforward implementation


Oklahoma City and in a growing number of other locations. Coming soon to Atlanta and Nashville!