MobileNOW!, the global technology innovator with the world’s most flexible and user-friendly mobile payment platform for parking, has successfully launched in pay-by-plate spaces managed by LAZ Parking in Bridgeport, Connecticut—one of several Connecticut cities leveraging MobileNOW.

Bridgeport is a seaport city in Fairfield County with nearly 150,000 residents. Customers can download the free MobileNOW! app to park and pay as they go. For added convenience, parking sessions can be extended remotely from anywhere within one easy click.

Customers without smartphones can easily call the local MobileNOW! IVR system, (203) 296-3680, to pay for parking.

“On behalf of MobileNOW!, we are thrilled to add another LAZ location to our customer base,” said John Oglesby, MobileNOW! President and CEO. “LAZ continues to be a great partner and always customer-focused and technology-forward.”

Customers will register their license plates online using the MobileNOW! app, entering their secured payment data only once. This allows customers to complete future parking transactions within a few simple clicks.

Parking enforcement officers will recognize paid parking spaces in real time, thus avoiding inadvertent citation issuance.

Oglesby added, “It’s our goal to make parking as convenient as possible—and we are confident that’s going to be the case with every transaction.”

MobileNOW! is also available at various locations in Connecticut cities: Hartford, Mansfield and Stamford.

About LAZ Parking
Founded in 1981, Laz Parking is among the nation’s largest private operators in the parking industry. With more than 2,700 locations and more than 10,000 employees, LAZ Parking serves a variety of market segments including government and municipal, retail, hospitality, health care, residential, and event parking.

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MobileNOW! LLC, headquartered in Rockville, MD, is the global pioneer, innovator and leading provider of mobile phone payment. The customizable MobileNOW! platform, also known as the world’s most flexible and user-friendly mobile payment solution for parking, has expanded into nine countries and is the only mobile payment solution developed by parking professionals with operations experience. MobileNOW! dramatically improves customer experience and client revenues. MobileNOW! enables virtual payment and big data collection options and offers full enforcement, management and reporting capabilities, which tracks driver behavior.
MobileNOW! masters all mobile devices, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms. For more information, visit  and

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