Telephone call

Drivers can use any type of cell phone to call the phone number displayed on the meter or sign and follow the voice prompts. Where applicable, a parking session can be extended or ended with another call.

Smartphone application

The MobileNOW! smartphone app stores a driver’s details and can detect their location, making it easier to pay for a parking session. Alternatively, using the app to scan a QR code (a two dimensional barcode) on the parking meter or sign will enter the location information automatically. Drivers simply confirm their parking duration and will receive a reminder before the parking session expires.

Hands-on-wheel access

Wireless RFID tags or Automatic License Plate Recognition can be used for gated parking, enabling vehicles to be given access without any action from the driver.

Web Page Access

Customers can use a smartphone, tablet or computer to access our web site at Personal details and payment information can be saved for subsequent parking sessions.

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